#1 Top Selling, Lovely Big Ben / London Clocktower British UK Lapel Pin Badge Souvenir! Souvenir/Speicher/Memoria! Durable Metal and Enamel London, England British UK Collectible Big Ben / London Clocktower Lapel Pin! A Tasteful and Unique British Souvenir! Épinglette/Anstecknadel/Spilla/Perno de la Solapa!


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We’re so excited about quality! This classic, beautiful Big Ben / London Clocktower Lapel Pin Souvenir is a must for every traveler! This modern, detailed metal and enamel collectible lapel pin souvenir will instantly become a treasured part of your collection! Wear them around town or just enjoy at home! Collect all of our souvenir lapel pins and have the complete set! This Big Ben UK Lapel Pin Souvenir is a truly durable and collectible British UK souvenir and is made of durable metal and shiny, smooth enamel! Lapel pins are instantly classic souvenirs that serve as the perfect, enduring reminder of travel, adventure and fun! Travel and adventure in the palm of your hand: collect them all today!

Makes a great stocking filler / stuffer !

  • PERFECT GIFT! This beautiful souvenir lapel pin is perfect for the collector who loves London! Gold Big Ben is the focus of this pin, with the word “London” in bold red lettering! Highly detailed, red and gold with metal backing and pin, this metal and enamel Big Ben lapel pin will make the perfect souvenir British collectible. Wear around town or display at home or office!
  • PERFECT PRICE! Souvenir British UK lapel pins are always a great collectible! Collect all of our souvenir British lapel pins so you can have the complete set! Affordable British Collectibles are a must for every traveler and collector! Completely affordable, completely collectible. We are more than happy to help! Now available in multiples!
  • HIGH STYLE! Showing your appreciation has never been easier or more fun! Demonstrate thoughtfulness and good taste with a collectible Big Ben / London Clocktower lapel pin present! Highly tasteful and charming, these detailed British collectible souvenir lapel pins are a fun and affordable way to show your appreciation for the best people in your life! Show off your good taste!
  • WE LOVE LONDON! London is truly the most interesting city in the world! We think that a Big Ben lapel pin souvenir will be an instant hit among collectors and travelers! Big Ben is so recognizable, what could symbolize London better! These pins are highly collectible and a great find! Collect them all!
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