ColorDrip Fashion Translucent Raincoat Rain Jacket Rainwear for Woman Lady Girl – Made of Eco-friendly High Quality EVA Material


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With our raincoat, even when the world seems to be covered in misty and foggy shadow, you can still touch with the beauty of natural rain intimately and feel that the goodness of life lives on. So have it now!

Inner sunshine warms not only the heart of the owner, but of all that come in contacting with it.

Made of special EVA material, all-around heartfelt protection for your lovely sweetie; Eco-friendly and antioxidant materials without harmful substance—absolutely scentless, skin-friendly and healthy; Excellent waterproof and free breathability—prevention from wetting in the rain comfortably; Low temperature-resistant and anti-tearing— soft, windproof and durable for a long time even in the chilly winter; Light and crease-resistant—easy for outdoor carrying or storage

The skin-friendly texture gives you an exquisite experience without the roughness of traditional raincoat.

Long design with a big hood can guarantee you the whole body dry in the heavy rain.

A portable matching pouch can help you to store it conveniently when unused.

Size Available:

M: Length: 39in/ 100cm (without cap); Bust: 43in/ 110cm; Shoulder Width: 17in/ 44cm; Sleeve: 29in/ 75cm;

L: Length: 43in/ 110cm (without cap); Bust: 43in/ 110cm; Shoulder Width: 17in/ 44cm; Sleeve: 29in/ 75cm;

Cap: 14 X 13in/ 36 X 33cm;

Pouch: 10 X 8in/ 26 X 21cm

  • Elegant mattering surface in texture and translucent design giving you a sort of secret feeling and adding a hazy beauty in the rain; no rustling sound like market bags creating a quiet rainy world for you
  • The fresh green keeping you in a lucid mood and also spreading the full good spirits to others
  • Long body piece with a big hooded cap keeping you dry from head to foot; the adjustable string in the cap brim making it fit your head more closely
  • Over-length lap showing your beautiful figure in fashionable style without the cumbersomeness of traditional raincoat
  • Portable and foldable in small size for outdoor carrying in your bag as a precaution or storing when unused