Detachable Handbag Key Ring Strap – Navy Blue Faux Leather – Silver or Gold Tone


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The Key Strap puts an End to Rummaging! Do you feel like you spend your life rummaging in your bag for your keys? The Larger the Bag the Longer the Rummage? Whether it is your Home, Office or Car Keys the Key Strap can help. Attach the easy to secure ring to the handle, a ring or zip of your bag and the lobster clasp to your keys.

  • The Key Strap is Faux Suede with Diamante Rivets and a Detachable Tassel
  • Strap Length approx 43cm – Total Length 50cm including Ring & Clasp
  • The long strap means you can reach your door lock without removing your keys
  • Suitable for both small and large handbags – Easily transferred from bag to bag
  • Choice of Gold Tone or Silver Tone Ring & Clasp