Fostered Adult Children Together, On The Bridge To Healing . . . Will we ever get over it?: Former Foster Children Share Their Stories, Ten Stepping Stones For Adult Survivors of Foster Care


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FACT (Fostered Adult Children Together) is a support group for former foster children. It is based on Ten Stepping Stones and the Bridge to Healing. Will we ever get over it? That question is what this book is all about. The stories that the author and other former foster children shared in this book should help answer that question, for themselves and other former, current, and future foster children. Although there are only sixty-one stories in this book, there could be millions. These stories are dedicated as a voice to the unheard millions. The purpose of the foster care system is to provide a safe haven for children without one, helping them to cross the bridge from foster care to aging out, but sadly the bridge leads to nowhere. Many former foster children end up homeless, dumpster diving for food, on drugs, incarcerated, at worst in body bags, at best, living on the fringes of life. FACT is for former foster children who are tired of being angry, ashamed, and alone, and choose to walk a new path, sharing their experience, strength, and hope while building a bridge to healing. Carol’s foster care experience led her to form FACT and write this book. She had an early education in the school of hard knocks and later graduated from the University of Michigan-Dearborn with very high honors. She resides in Michigan with her husband Larry. This book is also available as an e-book and other resources can be found at