Generic Baby Kid Keeper Toddler Walker Safety Harness Backpack Bag Strap Rein Ladybird


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A great way to keep kids close and safe in crowds, or during family outings. Remove the strap to turn this harness into a backpack. This is a great way to keep active toddlers close at hand and safely next to you. Suitable for children 10 months and up.

There is a removable hard board padded in the front pouch. You can take it out then directly bend over the front strip to an appropriate height. Let your baby set on your lap (face in or face out). And adjust the straps so the folded back support fit comfortably and securely against baby.


Strap swivels to prevent tangling.

Patented design is fully supported by your child’s torso, not the sensitive lower stomach area.

Sliding torso strap keeps harness in the correct position.

Comfortable padded shoulder straps.

Machine washable.

A zippered back pocket, and removable tether strap.

Back pocket: 7.9 x 7.1 inch.

Strap adjusts in length up to 32.7″ long.

Net weight 112g.

For children 10 months and up, less than 20kg, waistline not over 21.7 inch.

Simple Packaging:

Baby keeper

  • This Baby carrier is pretty outstanding and will fit the look of boy or girl.
  • Two way carrying position including Against chest way and Kangaroo style way.
  • Sturdy, adjustable side buckles designed for quick, one-hand release.
  • Superior design ensures ideal weight distribution.
  • More padding to give greater head and back support.