HJ Hall ProTrek All Terrain Performance Socks Explorer Softop Merino Wool Made Britain, Various Colours & Sizes


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The fully cushioned foot, comfort toe seam and ventilation panels provide outstanding protection and comfort for a gentle stroll or when in more demanding environments. The ORIGINAL Softop non -elastic top ensures these socks stay up without irritation from pressure marks. This makes them great for diabetics, those who suffer from circulation problems and also for those with swollen feet and ankles. Made from Merino wool, a durable natural fibre with both anti-bacterial properties and a super soft feel. Offering moisture control and excellent low thermal conductivity these socks will keep your feet dry and warm no matter what the terrain.

  • This product features a pack of comforting performance socks which will guarantee you a fully cushioned foot whilst your travel. They also feature a non-elastic top which ensures these socks will stay up without irritation from pressure marks
  • They also feature a comfort toe seam which will provide the front of your feet with quality comfort allowing you to travel long distances with no pain to your feet from your footwear. These socks also have moisture management which allows you to avoid the risk of blisters occurring and keeping your feet dry
  • Ideal For Diabetics
  • These socks are ideal for hiking, cold weather, snowing, skiing, mountain climbing, cycling, running etc. They are recommended to those who have a passion for athletics and wish to be provided with feet protection and warmth
  • These socks are machine washable