Nitehawk Adults Military Camouflage Woodland Sniper Ghillie Suit


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The Nitehawk Camouflage Ghillie Suit is the ultimate in outdoor camouflage. Made from tough and durable polyester, its designed means you melt into the outdoor surroundings. Comes with the trousers, jacket, hood and rifle wrap, leaving you fully prepared. The poppers on the jacket and the drawstring waist on the trousers make this particular suit extremely user friendly. A carry bag is also included for easy storage and carrying, and at a mere 1.6kg it is as lightweight a suit as you’ll find. This high quality suit is a Nitehawk product, so you know that is built to last. This is a must have for any avid paintballer, and even extends its uses to wildlife photography, so you can really get those close up shots.

  • Genuine NITEHAWK® Branded Product – Your First Choice For Quality Military Products
  • An outstanding ghillie suit, offering maximum camoflage in woodland areas. The top choice for paintballing, military based activities and wildlife photography. Made out of robust polyester, you can be sure this will survive the demanding outdoor world.
  • M/L size fits average sized men up to approximately 38-40 inch chests. The XL/XXL version fits larger men, with chest sizes from 40 inches and over. The suit is extremely lightweight at a mere 1.6kg.
  • The ghillie suit has a drawstring waist on the trousers for easy size adjustment and comfort, with poppers on the jacket allowing you to put it on and take it off with ease. A carry bag is also included for easy storage.
  • The ghillie suit set includes: 1 x trousers, 1 x jacket, 1 x seperate hood, 1 x rifle wrap, 1 x storage bag