Pregnancy waist extender belt for pregnant ★ Adapt your regular clothes like jeans, trousers, skirts into maternity wear ★ Pack of 4 extenders (buttons and hooks) and 3 panels


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Features of this extender belt for pregnant:

► It Includes 4 extenders (button, clasp or a side fastener) and 3 coloured panels (white, blue and black) to match the clothes.
► Suitable for both waists of pants or skirt with buttons, clasp or a side fastener
► Cloth panels 100% organic cotton easy placement to cover the zipper area is uncovered
► Machine washable in the washing machine. Extension of elastic polyester cotton lining. Winter and summer
► Measures, extenders: 11.5cm x 3.8cm x 3.8cm x 16.5cm and panels: 18.5cm x 22cm

Benefits of using this maternity waist extender:

✓ Save money with this kit for pregnant and avoid buying more Maternity Wear
✓ Valid maternity clothes from the beginning to the end of pregnancy thanks to their different sizes
✓ It is an easy and economical way to transform your pants and skirts into maternity clothes
✓ To create extra-large extender just join both together

Why choose this Set of pregnancy waist extender belt:

★ The best gift for pregnancy. During your pregnancy and after giving birth
★ It is very easy and simple to use and makes it much more comfortable to wear trousers and skirt during pregnancy
★ Just choose the right size belt and place it in one of the pieces of fabric colors including


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  • ► IDEAL to use your pants and skirts during pregnancy. To wear clothing that you already have, makes your pants and skirts maternity clothes
  • ► THE BUMP part will grow, and so will help you easily fasten pants
  • ► THIS KIT is suitable for both waist with buttons or buckles. It has 3 and 4 sashes elastic extension
  • ► NOW YOU CAN wear your favorite clothes during pregnancy, so do not you will have to renew your wardrobe, with this kit
  • ► THE ELASTIC extension ensures comfort and freedom of movement. One size