Women’s Disposable Cotton Briefs (Pack of 5) SMALL – Super Soft Premium Quality Lightweight Single-use underwear for Maternity Pregnancy Post Partum Knickers and Panties for Holiday Travels Spa Massage Gym Sailing Hiking Emergency and Hospital trips


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One-Wear disposable underwear is a top choice for people needing comfortable and practical disposable briefs

• The fabric is made from natural 100% super soft cotton
• The elastic is made from latex

What’s in the package?
✓Each resealable pack contains 5 pairs of white briefs
✓Each pair is hygienically wrapped keeping them clean and dry
✓A single pair is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and will discreetly fit in your pocket

Care Instructions
•One-Wear cotton briefs are disposable and can be worn once and thrown away
•The briefs can be washed (by hand or machine on a low heat) and reused several times

Compact Design
• Looking to save space?
✓The special construction of our cotton fabric means it is much lighter than what is commonly used making it a real space-saver
✓Throwing away your dirty disposable briefs will be another space-saver

Maternity Briefs
If it Maternity Knickers and panties that you need then look no further than One-Wear for your hospital bag, maternity bag, pregnancy bag, post partum bag, c-section bag or handbag

One-Wear Disposable Underwear for your to Wear
Keep a pair in hand and no more:
✓Ruining your panties during mensuration and heavy periods
✓Underwear emergencies caused by lost or delayed airline luggage
✓Hotel bathrooms filled with drying underwear
✓Holidays, hiking and cycling trips lugging around bags full of dirty heavy laundry
✓Worrying how to pack light on a short trips
✓No more evenings spent wearing sweaty pants after a gym trips as you forgot pack a fresh pair
✓Embarrassing hospital moments without a clean pair
✓Need to worry about kids running out of underwear when away from home
✓Awkward moments getting a Spa or Massage

One-Wear Disposable Underwear is exclusive to Amazon and cannot be found in High Street Stores such as Boots and Mothercare

  • The briefs are crafted from premium quality soft stretchy cotton to ensure a great feel and flexible fit. The lightweight breathable construction gives great all-day comfort.
  • Each pair of briefs is individually wrapped and so small and compact it can fit discreetly in your bag or pocket.
  • Stock up your basics with the 5-pack briefs from One-Wear so that you are ready for your next great adventure or underwear disaster.
  • One-Wear for you to Wear as Maternity / Pregnancy / Post Partum Knickers and briefs as well as for Holiday Travels, Spa, Massage, Gym, Sailing, Hiking, Emergency and Hospital trips.
  • Small: Hips 36-37 inches (91-94 cm). Also available in Medium, Large, X-Large and XX-Large