X-Socks Functional Trekking Socks Unisex Silver


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On hard, unforgiving rocks or rough, stony ground, your feet take a lot of hammer while trekking, carrying your entire bodyweight. With twelve separate support and cushioning features, these men’s X-Socks Silver Trekking Socks, with Sinofit Technology, help to protect feet and lower legs. A self-adjusting cuff accommodates any leg girth without tightness, while elastic X-Cross Bandages band around the ankle to stabilise and support.Rod-type padding round won the outer calves offers protecting without inhibiting calf muscles in action. More impact-absorbing padding runs strategically, throughout the shaped footbeds and Achilles tendon area. AirConditioning and Transverse AirFlow channels provide a constant exchange of air and ventilation. A sophisticated mix of fibres, including merino wool, silk and silver, as an active biocide in the SilverNODOR footbed, helps keep feet dry, inhibits bacterial growth and aids in preventing athletes’ foot.

  • 1 Pair Pack
  • Flat comfort toe seams
  • Self adjusting cuffs
  • Machine washable at 40°